Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Clip – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto (Oporto International School) In the new building in Foz

In the newspapers in 1987 we could read:
There is a new School in Porto that plans to assign two academic degrees - a lack in Portugal: the International Bacheloreat and the International Certificate of Education. The College is operating since the beginning of the school year that will end now.
At present, the College Luso International Port (North) is installed temporarily in Quinta do Mirante which is located in Largo Megide Canelas, Vila de Gaia at Quinta do Mirante. The final installation of the College is planned to be in a property that formerly hosted CIMPOR located on the promenade of the Porto – Douro river, more precisely in the angle formed by Dom Pedro V Street and Restauração.
Final negotiations are underway for the purchase of the property, which is degraded. Is expected to recover and adapt the old building to the needs of the College.
The didactic project of the College done by Artur Victoria indicates the full teaching at all levels of education, since primary to secondary school and eventually, in a middle term future to its own University.
The school program for an Worldwide equivalent studies degree is established by the Association Bacheloreat - an international organization created 15 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, to establish an educational curriculum that avoids the problem of equivalence between countries in education, from primary to university placement.
Thus, schools that teach the curriculum of the Association Bacheloreat is mainly children and young people, children, technicians, businessmen and migrants, who are regularly transferred country to country by its professional commitments. Moreover, these schools are also frequented by students, which desire or intend to join foreign colleges.
The degree Bacheloreat International that the International College of the North award represents our 12th year, allowing access to the University. and is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture Portuguese since January 86.
For the other degree that the College will assign - International Certificate of Education - equate it to our 9 th year, but has not yet been established by the Association Bacheloreat, which should happen before the school year 88/89.

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