Tuesday, 21 April 2009

CLIP philosophy

Preparing this innovative educational program - in 1989 - the success case is actually shown. At the beginning the coordination between national curricula and international subjects was a preoccupation in order to get the official equivalence from the educational authoritiesThe program of studies of the Colegio Luso Internacional do Porto will follow an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for the International Baccalaureate, or for a professional diploma in International Business Administration. The curriculum will emphasize communication and computing skills, critical thinking, research techniques, multicultural education, and an integrated approach to curriculum design ...Even though the greatest portion of class time is already allocated to specific disciplines, theschedule gives students the opportunity to pursue learning in other areas. The elective program will offer courses in Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Organization Studies, Classical Languages, Computing Sciences, Individual Studies, Modern Foreign Languages (English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese), Research Projects,and any course offered in the Professional Program.In addition to, or in place of, the elective program students will be encouraged to undertake independent studies in various disciplines, under the guidance and supervision of a qualified teacher.Since the philosophy of the Colegio Luso Internacional do Porto defines the student as a researcher, it is imperative that they become proficient in the processes, methodology and technology of research.All students will, therefore, take a series of courses in Research Technology. This course will provide each student an extensive "hands-on" computer experience. Students will be expected to keyboard at 35 wpm, master a word-processing and database software. The teacher, working cooperatively with other subject matter teachers will develop theme materials pertinent to an integrated curriculum.

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